Where am I?

Everyone and everything around me is beautiful. Like nothing I’ve ever seen. The lights, the music, even the food is all so different from anything I have ever seen. The smell of baguettes is in the air and all I can think about is which famous Landmark I want to see first. I feel out of my element because I am unable to speak or understand the language around me. The people here act slightly rude towards those who seem foreign to them but they are still intriguing nonetheless. The Louvre filled with some of the most famous pieces of art is right around the corner, and the tallest man-made structure, The Eiffel Tower is close by.

I think it is clear where I am. One of the most beautiful, breathtaking cities in the world; Paris, France. There is truly no other place that can even compare to the wondrous adventures that Paris holds. I had the pleasure of going to Paris this past summer for the first time and it didn’t take long before it became my favorite city I have ever been to. It has a completely different feeling than any of city or place I have visited and a place that I would one day like to call home. Even though the Parisians may not be the biggest fans of us Americans, they sure know how to make a mean meal. Many people aren’t the biggest fans of French food, but it is one of my favorite food destinations in the world. I do have a passion for fashion, so Paris is my game. This city is home to many of the most significant fashion designers in the world. Also having just about every single high-end fashion brand in the world there is just the cherry on top of this incredible city.

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